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Avoiding Home Delivery Thefts

The rise of online shopping during the pandemic. There’s also more home deliveries, but it’s not. Nicole Fushino explains law enforcement agencies are urging the public to keep their packages safe. Nicole.

Well, porch pirates are people who steal packages from from front doors and front porch steps.

And police say they’re expecting a rise in those thefts this year because of all that online shopping that’s supposed to take place. So today I spoke with a local police chief who gave his best tips and tricks for how you can keep
your items safe.

As the snow starts falling to the ground, more and more homes will start having these on their doorsteps packages filled with clothes, toys and other gifts ahead of the holiday season.

“You want your your neighbors to be vigilant. Have your neighbors be on a lookout.”

But police say to be on the lookout to make sure your items and holiday cheer aren’t stolen by a porch pirate

“If a package is stolen off your property. Ask your neighbors. See if they got pictures. See if anybody has cameras. Local neighbors have cameras. If they do, the right thing to do is file a report as soon as possible with their local police department.”

Earlier this month, a Pittsburgh woman posed as a FedEx worker to steal packages from a neighborhood there.

But police say there are many things you can do to keep your holiday presence safe when you do order packages.

“Try to have special delivery time so that way your home track your packages. Leave porch lights on. Install security cameras and specify where you want your items delivered.”

“But when you do your ordering online through Amazon, whatever. Go to the special notes and request that your packages be delivered, maybe to the back porch or certain locations or certain times for deliveries.”

And he also adds that if this does happen to you and you see somebody getting away with your belongings, take a picture or take a video along with footage of their car that they’re driving away in, and that will help with the police investigation.

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