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Bald Eagle Area School District Installs Air Filter Devices

One Centre County school district is installing new air filtration devices in every room, in every school building, in the district.

The ionization units are being installed in heating/air-conditioning units in the Bald Eagle Area School District, and they are similar to ones that hospitals use.

The devices are supposed to filter out viruses, such as COVID-19, as well as germs and molds.

Money for the project came from state and federal grants that the district already received.

School officials say they are confident that the filters will work.

“I am confident that this is going to be helpful. Is it a cure all? No. But I think if it can help some, and if it can help with other viruses we might have, it can help things as the years go on,” said Wingate Elementary principal James Orichosky.

As of Thursday, there are five positive COVID-19 cases in the Bald Eagle Area School District.

School officials say all five cases are among students.

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