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Bald Eagle Area School District

And in the Bald Eagle Area School District the board has decided to make the number of days required to quarantine to 10 days instead of the original 14.

Officials say there was some reluctant but they used their own data from the district To help make the decision.

Superintendent Scott Graham says they have noticed those who have been in close contact to a positive case and doesn’t show symptoms after 10 days they haven’t gotten the virus.

Also Graham says the longer students are out of school and doing remote learning has been affecting their grades.

“We decided to go with the ten. Not because the CDC is recommending it, or the DOH, but because we have data to support it here locally and in our schools.
It really wasn’t making a difference between fourteen and ten, so why not lower it to ten.”

Graham says that students who have been in close contact with a positive case will still have to quarantine. Even if they do not test positive.

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