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Bald Eagle Area Won’t Delay Exams

After deliberation, Bald Eagle Area School District Officials say they will not move the PSSA and Keystone exams to the Summer or Fall, and will keep them in the Spring as planned. District Officials say that moving the standardized exams would have been detrimental to the Students taking them.

Bald Eagle Area School District Superintendent Scott Graham says he is excited to finally see concrete statistics to judge how prepared Students are, and plan accordingly for next year. Graham saying: “It will be nice to get some data to see where exactly our students are as we move forward and hopefully, you know, next year, as we get into the school year that we’ll be able to have more and more normalcy back in school.”

Graham added that while he is torn on whether to give those exams, the District believes delaying or cancelling them would cause more harm to Students than help.

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