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Bald Eagle School District Pi Day

Today 3:14 marks Pi Day and while many choose to mark the day eating pie elementary students in the Bald Eagle Area School District took part in the Pi Day Challenge.

Students in grades 3 through 5 at Howard Elementary School in teacher Jan Jones math classes started out the day watching videos about 3.14 and how it’s relevant to math.

Then the students did activities measuring various circular objects like paper plates, cans, water bottles, candy, and even oatmeal cream pies to see how close to Pi they could get.

“You try to make math as fun as possible. And try to get to them to see how it incorporates in real life. And how it incorporates into their life. I think the more you can do fun things and incorporate food and incorporate recipes and things like that, it seems to get them real excited about coming to school. They look forward to this day every year.”

One of the 5th grade students was able to measure something that was 3.16 Which was the closest out of the 3 grades Today.

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