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Bald Eagle Superintendent Stepping Down

As a Centre County School District Superintendent prepares to step down within a few days.

As Gary Sinderson reports he’s sharing his insights on the impact of the pandemic.

Centre County Bald Eagle Area School District Superintendent is stepping down for Scott Graham, his long time career in education, has taken a sudden detour. He’s leaving his position on April 1st

“I came in in June of 2020, with the pandemic on. So I”m the pandemic superintendent, it has taken a toll physical and mental, you see superintendents now leaving statewide”

For Graham the pandemic having a personal impact saying its had an adverse effect on his own health issues. In looking back, COVID quickly raised multiple issues for educators with very few established guidelines

“Even in the early days there was difference for how State College School District reacted and the rest of the districts in Centre County. State College with Penn State students had more cases to deal with”

Lessons learned from the pandemic, Graham doesn’t see remote learning as an emerging factor in K thru 12 grade schools

“Parents I talk to were very happy when restriction were lifted and we got students back in classrooms, so I don’t think remote education has much of a future in bricks and mortar schools”

The COVID curriculum changes also proved difficult in classrooms

“It’s very difficult, for the most part of a teacher to be teaching students in a classroom,and others who are at home”

Graham feels one of the biggest impacts of the pandemic what we hear more an more about the mental health of students, still he looks back with a sense of accomplishment

“Who could of predicted two years ago what happened, for the most part I think we, and other school districts did very well in handling a situation that was unprecedented

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