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Be Aware of Ticks

Now that it’s safe for vaccinated people to enjoy the outdoors without a mask, the CDC wants Americans to be aware of another health risk.

Health experts warn that anyone who spends time outside is at risk of contracting a tick borne disease. According to a new data tracker on the CDC website, the middle of May to the first week of June is peak season for tick bites.

The site tracks emergency department visits by people showing signs of Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or other tick borne illnesses.

The inaugural tick awareness week sponsored by the National Pest Management Association just wrapped up to support the CDC’s mission.

Since the late 1990’s, US cases of Lyme Disease have tripled.

The CDC provides a number of tips, including avoiding wooded and brushy areas with tall grass and leaf litter where ticks love to hide.

It’s possible to treat your yard to prevent ticks as well as to protect your pets and yourself with repellent. To learn more go to

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