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Bedford Protest Canceled

I’m here in downtown Bedford at the corner of Juliana and Penn Street where Tonight there was originally supposed to be a Black Lives Matter protest at the corner you see behind me. Back in June and again in August Black Lives Matter protesters were here, but Tonight that corner is empty.

A few days ago Bedford borough police said the department and borough officials were aware that plans for a gathering Tonight had been cancelled. They said despite believing there would be no gathering, they would be taking proactive measures to keep the community safe.

We are seeing State Police and Bedford Police cruisers patrolling the downtown area as well as a Bedford County Sheriffs cruiser.

25 To 30 what would normally be considered counter protesters here in the square, many with their guns and wearing Trump hats. One gentleman has been driving around in a Jeep most of the evening Tonight with a Confederate Flag on the back.

Outside of that, no activity, no black lives matter protesters here in Bedford. Overall, a quiet Night.

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