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Bella Italia to Stay Open

Antonio Serradella says a department official showed up at his restaurant last Monday and told them to shut down.

Bella Italia has been allowing indoor dining despite Governor Wolf’s temporary restriction.

Serradella says he has bills to pay, people to feed and staff to look out. When asked he said switching to primarily carry out and delivery would impact his business enormously.

Governor Wolf says most businesses have been in compliance with the order.

While he understands the restrictions place a burden on restaurants, he says its targeting an area where there’s a high risk of transmission. Serradella says that’s not his problem and if infected people come into his restaurant,
he has no control over it. I asked Serradella if he’s concerned about further repercussions from the state.

We did reach out to the department of agriculture for comment today but have not heard back. Governor Wolf says he is planning to lift the restrictions as scheduled on January 4th. Serradella says he’s concerned more restrictions
are on the way.


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