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Bellefonte Area School District is Hoping to Remain Open

The Bellefonte Area School District is hoping to remain open. And holding in-person classes despite the number of coronavirus cases now growing in the district.

At this time they currently have 3 people in quarantine that have tested positive.

School officials say those 3 are expected to complete isolation by this week leaving no cases in the district.

They say students will still be in the classroom and they hope to keep them there as long as possible.

The district did however, send out a letter to parents explaining the changes that could come if cases spiked.

“It isn’t that we don’t have any plans, we talk about this constantly about, you know, where’s the tipping point of going remote to say we weren’t considering it, we are considering it.
Our plans are also to stay the course with in person instruction as long as we can.”

District officials say they numbers are low considering the surge in cases in neighboring school districts which have transitioned to full remote learning.

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