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Bellefonte Mural Vandalism

In the wake of the Capitol Riot earlier this week, violence and vandalism are at the front of the minds of many Americans. The retaliation towards the election results continued-this time in Centre County; The Bellefonte Pride Mural was vandalized earlier this week.

“Not Stolen – Conquered” was the message supporters of a website called Patriot Front dot US plastered over Bellefonte’s Pride Wall.

With tensions running high after the violence at the Capitol earlier in the week, Bryce Taylor the owner of Jake’s Cards and Games, the business that is right next to the defaced wall, reached out to the community via Facebook to get it fixed. This afternoon, a few dozen people showed up to repaint the wall to its proper rainbow color.

“We reject it utterly,” Taylor said. “Jake’s stands for tolerance, we’re a place for inclusion and tolerance, where people come to gather and talk, and use our reason. There’s no reason for this, it’s just hatred.”

The store is closed amid the pandemic struggles, but the staff came back in with paint cans and brushes to join with locals and fix it. Taylor was adamant that the members of the community need to come together to process and learn from this moment in our history.

“Personally, I’m glad that it brought it out because now that we see it, we can respond to it,” he said. “And, I think that’s what we need as a community, all of our communities, is to respond to it, address it and face it. Its the only way we’ll stop it.”

Taylor added that the vandalism occurred on Friday, but he was not sure if it was during the day or overnight.

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