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Bellefonte Projects

Some major projects for the downtown area are still in the works. With updates expected soon in the coming months.

Gary Sinderson has more three. Not a big project, but the new skating rink in Bellefonte, Talleyrand Park, paid for by business owners and others, continuing a growing trend here

Private public partnerships for new development are excited and looking for opportunities to work with business owners non-profits that want to try something.

“There’s a similar adventure going on with a bandshell performance center.”

“It may be kind of the same idea using public, maybe public space for a private venture or semi-private venture.”

What about Vons largest proposed private public projects? The plans for the Waterfront District several acres along Spring Creek. The plans unveiled several years ago, including the hotel parking garage and probably residential and commercial space. The pandemic has slowed hotel industry growth, especially in terms of financial support.

With the waterfront developers meeting recently with Bellefonte officials,

They’re hoping to get any less details worked out through our planning commission and council. As far as any final improvements to the plans, and then they want to do a rebuilding of the project in the spring.”

Another Bellefonte based property with a future unknown the fate of the Centre Crest building the former nursing home now empty, with the county still owning the property and awaiting a consultant report on possibly renovating the building or considering other options.

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