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Bellefonte Vandalism

In the St. Johns Catholic Cemetery in Bellefonte there is a lot of history, including people and families instrumental in the Town’s heritage and development buried. The aftermath of the recent vandalism results in disturbing images to many. Bellefonte Police say sometime since late last Thursday at the Cemetery, grave markers were toppled, multiple luminary lights, ornaments, and religious symbols were broken, along with dozens of American flags and floral arrangements being damaged.

In another example of a community coming together in a time of need, Bonfatto’s restaurant in Bellefonte will hold a curbside pasta dinner with all proceeds going to St. John’s Church. David Letterman of Bonfatto’s saying: “It will be on Saturday, December 19th, beginning at 10am. You can place an order online with us for spaghetti dinner and then stop by on the 19th and pick it up outside.”

Anyone with information on the Cemetery vandalism is urged to contact the Bellfonte Police.

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