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Bellefonte Waterfront Project

A long awaited development project in Bellefonte, finally looks to be moving forward

New plans were unveiled this week for what’s termed the town’s Waterfront District.

Take a look at whats expected to be a future look in Downtown Bellefonte

“This is a condominium building down towards Lamb Street. This is a parking garage with condominiums facing Spring Creek. This is a hotel where the Bush House stood for many years next to High Street.”

A hotel, condominiums, and parking garage all to be built here, in the property along Spring Creek that been vacant since the Bush House Hotel burned down in 2006

Developers, at this weeks borough council meeting, showing their latest design proposals including the addition of whats termed a rooftop experience a top the 80 room hotel.

Groundbreaking is expected within the next few months

“The hotel industry was hurt by the pandemic. Then bankers weren’t loaning money for new projects, so that combined effected our project and delayed it several years.”

Plans for this development in Bellefonte’s Waterfront District were first announced in 2018.

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