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Bellwood Antis Parent Frustrations

The Bellwood Antis School District decided to cancel Tonight’s school board meeting as the handling of disgruntled former wrestling coach Ryan Blazier, who was sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting students, continues to cause division amongst parents and administrators.

Dylan Huberman spoke with the district and frustrated parents Today

The Superintendent says safety was the primary impetus leading to the cancellation of Tonight’s meeting.

While Ryan Blazier is in prison, the district is still under further investigation by the Blair County District Attorneys office.

At the last school board meeting, heated discussion turned problematic, and the district intends to proceed with charges against certain parents who acted out that night.

But one parent has a direct message for the superintendent.

“Put yourself on administrative leave, put yourself on administrative leave, stay away from our kids until the investigations are done. That’s all we want.
Stop worrying about your reputation, stop worrying about your retirement status and protect the children for once.”

District Superintendent Doctor Thomas McInroy responded to that statement.

“What’s best for the kids, all 1,275 students, including the 2 children that were hurt, especially those 2 children that were hurt, is we need to begin the healing process, and I get people are angry, like I really get it, we’re angry, we’re mad, we’re upset. This is something that just makes you so angry to think that someone would hurt children.”


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