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Bellwood Summer Academy

Many school districts had students struggle to keep up during the pandemic, causing their grades to decline.

However, a Blair County school district is offering their students a way to make up for it.

The district has dubbed this program Summer Academy, and will focus on select students that saw their grades slide.

The elementary school chose 20 students in each grade to enroll, and all higher grades keyed in on those in danger of failing classes.

The district’s superintendent, Dr. Thomas McInroy, says this was a necessary step to keep students ahead of the curve.

“We pulled that together in an effort to try to get students to where they should be academically, uh, so when they leave us, they have a better opportunity to be successful to get into
the college or getting into post secondary schools, or even competing for jobs because let’s face it: we’re all going to be competing for jobs in the near future. We want our students to
be able to stand out and get the, get their dream job.”


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