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Biden Transition and COVID-19 Vaccine News

The Biden Transition Team is making big moves. After announcing key Communications Personnel this weekend, the President-elect confirmed top economic team members Monday morning. Those economic experts will be tasked with guiding the Nation’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, a health crisis expected to be more dire when Joe Biden takes office on January 20th. However, there may be some relief on the horizon as we may be one step closer to a vaccine.

President-elect Joe Biden announcing his incoming communications team, the team that will plan an unprecedented inauguration and an economic team led by Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen poised to chart an economic recovery from the Nation’s Coronavirus crisis, which is getting more dire. The TSA said Sunday was its busiest day at screening checkpoints since March, with more than 1.17 million passengers passing through and meaning about 9.4 million flyers overall defied CDC Guidance to stay home for the Thanksgiving period. Medical experts fear how the weight of a new surge on top of an existing surge will overwhelm the Nation’s hospitals.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical company Moderna applying Monday to the FDA, for Emergency Authorization of its COVID-19 Vaccine, which data indicates could be more than 94% effective. The FDA will meet in December to review emergency use applications from both Moderna and Pfizer.

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