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Big Ben’s Last Game at Heinz Field

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger played what many expect to be his last game at Heinz Field as a Pittsburgh Steeler last night, as he said after the game last night, it wasn’t pretty, but
they came out with the win.

26 to 14 even though Big Ben is no longer in his prime, you would be hard pressed to find a more transcendent quarterback in NFL history, a combination of size and elusiveness in the
pocket, with a rocket arm equipped to extend any play and make it an instant highlight.

That’s what Steeler fans will never forget. And after the game, Big Ben got a well deserved victory lap where he soaked up every single moment.

If there was any doubt where the former Ohio star’s heart is, we know it’ll always be in Pittsburgh.

“I didn’t think I was going back out and then, you know, anybody in football will tell you when you’re on offense that that’s the best playing football, the best formation, the best,
best play.
And so to go out there and take a knee made it probably even more emotional and more real. And yeah, it wasn’t.
It wasn’t pretty. But like I said out on the field, I think that’s kind of been I feel like that’s been my style, not pretty, but finding a way to win.
And I guess 9092 wins here at Heinz Field, that’s just that’s what it’s always been about for me is winning football games and this is one more and it’s very special.”

But he’s not finished yet, they still have one more game left in the regular season, and with this win, the Steelers still have a chance at the playoffs.

Next up, they play the Ravens in Baltimore this Sunday at 1:00.

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