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Big Ten COVID Testing

The first game for every team will be on October 24th. It will be an 8 game in 8 week season with no wiggle room. The season will end on December 19th with the Big Ten Championship game. Also feature a cross divisional game for each team not in the championship that will be determined as the season progresses. The college football playoff final vote will be on the 20th this will be done with no fans in the stands at any game this Fall.

The league said they will reveal the new football schedule by the end of the week.

Now lets take a look at how the league will handle testing for the Coronavirus. Testing will start on September 30th for all schools. Daily tests will be done before each practice and game. Each team will have a chief infection
officer that will report the data to the league, players that test positive will have to sit out for 21 days and will undergo cardiac testing during that time.

The conference will also use a color coded system in whether to determine whether teams can play or practice. This involves the teams and the student population if a school is in the green phase they can play and practice as
scheduled. If the are in the orange phase they must proceed with caution and enhance their COVID-19 measures and in the red they must shutdown all practices and games for at least 7 days.


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