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BJC Vaccination Center

A regional vaccination clinic is coming to Centre County just in time to help vaccinate those in phase 1a and 1b across the state.

Sarah Metts has the details on what you need to know about the new location.

Centre County located right in the center of the state, making it an easily accessible in all directions.

The Wolf administration says the Bryce Jordan Center will serve thousands not just from Centre County but from its surrounding areas.

“To be able to leverage resources like Penn State University, to get as many people in the state and in the area through the vaccine clinic and get them vaccinated we need to get everyone that we can, and who is eligible vaccinated so we can return to normal. “

The Pennsylvania National Guard and AMI Expeditionary Healthcare LLC will direct operations and administer the doses.

Penn State officials purchased freezers for storing the vaccine, and have been on standby to help ever since.

“And we did that ahead of time knowing that we could probably use freezers in our research enterprise but step by step what we’ve seen is an effort to make sure we were prepared to serve our community, are Penn State community the very best we could.”

The site will begin handing out 600 doses a day but officials say it has the potential to administer more as needed.

Residents in phase 1a and 1b can start scheduling now according to the department of health all adults in the state are eligible for the vaccine on April 19th so those in phase 1c can start scheduling as early as Monday.

The site is open to anyone who is eligible regardless of where you live in the state. State College officials say they are excited to see more people coming to Happy Valley but that everyone needs to follow local regulations.

“It’s obviously a concern, but the benefits of having such resources outweighs those concerns. Anyone who is coming to get vaccinated is welcome to come downtown. Downtown is open welcoming you but just be aware that there are limitations in terms of lines and we do require mask wearing, and we do require limitations in gatherings.”

Starting next week the regional site will be open 5 days a week, running Thursday through Monday.

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