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Black Bear Safety Precautions

As we enter Mating Season for Black Bears, Officials say you’re more likely to encounter this Wildlife. We have some of the steps you can take to prevent a deadly bear encounter.

Brian Witherite, State Game Warden of the PA Game Commission saying: “They’re just going to be bumping around doing what nature has them doing.” Witherite says bears become an issue for agriculture as they’re attracted to cornfields giving them a good source of protein. Witherite adding: “Mid to late august when corns are growing and corns are coming to their full development that’s when our damage complaints originate.”

Though Witherite says black bears are the least aggressive type of bear, he says they’re still fast and strong with a keen sense of smell. Witherite adding: “It’s good to maybe announce yourself, some people use whistle some people yell. They don’t want a conflict with you they try to avoid you.”

He suggests you to not leave trash outside of your house days before trash day and to remove any fold source like bird seed during the nighttime. Witherite also warns you that feeding bears intentionally is a crime that could compromise your health and the bear’s. Witherite adding: “If the behavior persists we will issue a no traffic citation for feeding black bears intentionally.”

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