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Black Tea Series

Tim, Tierra Williams, a self-proclaimed Blacktivist in Centre County is the host of a new mini-series black tea with the goal of having uncomfortable conversations with local community members.

“It’s hard to talk to people when you’re both yelling, but maybe when you are sitting in a room, you’re calm, maybe you’ll be able to actually sit and listen to the other party.”

Leading marches and protests over the summer.

“That’s why I don’t just talk about it, I try to be about it.”

To leading uncomfortable conversations in Centre County.

“Talk about things like race, politics, religion and to really see the quote unquote happy valley for what it truly is which is happy valley is not happy for everyone.”

Tierra Williams, along with her producer and editor Pablo Lopez received a grant from 3 dots downtown to fund the first season of the 5-episode series Black Tea.

“The point of the show is to have community conversations. I believe conversations can resolve conflict and there is no black platform out here number 1 period and there is no platform where people can come and have uncomfortable conversations.”

She says the title Black Tea is play on words, but it mostly describes how African American’s feel as a whole.

“It’s like giving you the tea, giving you the scoop, like a play on words, and I specifically called it black tea because it is a black platform and I know you probably have seen black tea in a white cup and that’s significant for a reason because a lot of times as black people we feel like we are in the middle of all of this.”

Williams says the first episode which was released during Black History Month, was the perfect introduction for the show but her work goes way beyond just February.

“I’m black 365, every day for me is black history because I’m either living in it or trying to change it. It’s not going to change in one conversation or in one month, but I think it is important for people to understand black history is everyone’s history.”

Williams says the shows future is in the hands of the community they will need more funding and donations for a second season.

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