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Blair County Anniversary

On this date 175 years ago Blair County became the 59th county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Though the celebrations that would normally accompany the day have been pushed back, local officials say it’s a significant

On February 26th, 1846 the county was formed from portions of Huntingdon and Bedford counties. Hollidaysburg, the largest community in the area at that time, became the county seat. Hollidaysburg’s growth was bolstered by thePennsylvania Mainline Canal, which ran through the town.

Altoona later passed Hollidaysburg’s size following the creation of the Portage Railroad and Altoona Horseshoe Curve. The county is named after prominent businessman and
state legislator John Blair, who was instrumental in forming the canal and the turnpike between Huntingdon, Blair and Cambria counties.

Blair County Cmmissioner Laura Burke says the county is planning celebrations over the course of a week this summer, with a finale sometime in the fall.

“We want to do something that will bring everyone together. All of the different regions of our county and all of the age groups and communities that we have. We’re hoping to make it really an inclusive an just a fun reason to celebrate.”

Why the milestone is all the more significant given the events that have transpired over the course of the last year.

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