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Blair County Conact Tracing

A local county is forming a team of volunteers To begin COVID-19 contact tracing.

Marshall keely tells us Why Blair County officials believe it’s necessary.

Blair County EMA director Mark Taylor says contact tracing is an important disease control measure that can help prevent further spread and that’s his goal.

Blair County emergency management is now looking for volunteers for their new Blair County COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team. The idea is simple, when a resident of Blair County tests positive for COVID-19, the team will contact individuals that may have been exposed and provide guidance and support.

Taylor says the department of health conducts contact tracing, but the county is now working to take some of that burden off of the department’s shoulders, allowing staff to focus on areas with higher case counts. Taylor says volunteers must be registered through PA Serve and meet certain criteria to take part.

He says they will complete a joint training before they do any contact tracing and the information they share with those who are exposed is completely anonymous and confidential.
Taylor understands not everyone is going to appreciate being contacted with information, but many may choose to self quarantine or limit their contact with those at risk, actions that could prove crucial.

“The Department Of Health say’s anytime there’s a positive case takes all the information from that individual. Our contact tracers take that information and start making contacts to those who may have been exposed,
just to give them an alert. You may be asymptotic, but we believe that you may have been exposed.”

Taylor tells me a few residents have already reached out to ask about volunteering. If you’d like to get involved you can contact blair county emergency management at 814-940-5900 to see if you meet the necessary criteria.

Live in Blair County Marshall Keely

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