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Blair County Prison Bails Lowered

District attorney Pete Weeks says the inmate were awaiting trial for violent crimes, including agravated assault and robbery. One individual charged with attempted homicide in early 2020 had his 300,000 dollar bail reduced to zero.  Weeks says the victim in that case was paralyzed.

Another inmate the was released was charged with possessing large amount of Heroin, Fentanoyl and over 200,000 dollars cash. Weeks says his 500,000 dollar bail was reduced to just 50,000.

The District Attorneys office says it tried to help the courts identify non violent inmates for potential release, understanding the COVID-19 mitigation efforts at the prison, but weeks says these releases are dangerous.

“The biggest concern we have is the safety risk to the community because of the dangerous nature of these allegations, that’s our concern.”

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