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Blair County Sanctuary 2nd Ammendment Vote

Blair County has been voting on a crucial second Amendment referendum. Dylan Huberman has the latest at the county’s elections office. Dylan. So far, the vote seems to be swinging towards the referendum passing with a majority of precincts reporting.

The county would become a second Amendment sanctuary, preserving the right to bear arms. A second separate initiative would be specific to each municipality in the county. If theĀ  vote fails, the passage of the referendum would withhold taxpayer resources in the areas it passes from the federal government should they enlist local authorities to confiscate personal firearms.

Representative Jim Gregory believes that the passage of the referendum would be a huge win for gun owners. And so by performing this exercise, they have not only proven that they support the second Amendment and how this will work, but it’s an extra layer of protection for second Amendment supporters and to protect our gun rights not only in Pennsylvania but specifically in Blair County and municipal governments of Blair County.


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