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Blair County Snowfall

Blair County EMA Director Mark Taylor says the roads are in bad shape. The ice and snow, combined with limited visibility, means a busy night for 911 operators.

“I’m hearing some motor vehicle accidents, nothing serious so far.”

The roadways, tonight, still dangerous despite local crews’ efforts to keep pace. Minutes after plows pass, streets are covered over again.

“We know that PennDOT and everybody is already out doing what they need to do. There shouldn’t be any issue with salt.”

Taylor expects the plows to keep running as snow continues to accumulate into the early morning hours. That accumulation brings another potential problem.

“One of our concerns is this is going to be a heavy, wet snow with the potential of bringing down trees and power lines and that could relate to widespread power outages. So we’ve asked everyone, particularly the nursing homes and critical care facilities to make sure their emergency generators are working.”

The county is prepared to open warming shelters in the event of widespread power outages, but with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in Blair County, Taylor says they would have to open more locations that normal in the interest of safety.

“Blair County Convention Center being one of our largest, we use Blair Senior Services, we use local fire departments. So we’re in pretty good shape.”

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