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Blair County Unity March

Blair County residents are gathering for a march in support of 1st responders and front line workers saying they want unity and positivity.

Marshall Keely joins us.

Live from just outside Hollidaysburg where the march is getting under way. Marshall .

Jess, AJ the march actually just completed, we walked along with them, they started out at the Prime Sirloin Buffet in Duncansville and just arrived here at the Hollidaysburg Legion Park.

There’s a number of marchers that were still in the area here. They were led by Allegheny Township Fire Department.

A number of police officers season State Police officers are here as well.

As a Blair County sheriff James Ott they’ve arrived at this venue with a number of food vendors that are here.

And there’s going to be a rally in just a few moments. Up on the stage to my left here.

The group gathered Prime Buffet parking lot and made their way about. A half mile down North Juniata to Hollidaysburg Legion Park where they met again.

Blair County Sheriff James Ott says the march was organized after some local business owners and residents began voicing their frustration with the current circumstances.

And want to highlight the unity between the Blair County community and first responders.

He says the march also recognizes the efforts of front line workers during COVID-19.

Officers from the Altoona Police Department Holidaysburg Police Department Duncansville Freedom Township and Woodbury Township were taking part in the march as well.

As well as Phoenix Fire Department and Allegheny Township Fire Department.

Ott says the march is meant to show Blair County is different.

Whether it’s through the medical field events by case law enforcement. All of our front line 1st responders for that. Your grocery store workers
your restaurant workers all of it all of it needs to have the support.all of us need to pull together and make sure that we’re doing things.
For each other and making sure that we’re moving forward and not going stagnant.

Several dozen took part in the march here as and as I was saying earlier the rally does not end there in a few moments. There will be some speakers up on the stage to my left over here.

And some police officers are talking with those that are in support of local law enforcement. Multiple food vendors are out here.

So it’s a good time. The sheriff Ott did tell me earlier that they are recommending individuals wear their masks as part of the state mask order.

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