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Blair County Vaccine Rollout

Blair County EMA Director Mark Taylor says UPMC Altoona is among those locations, but they do expect to receive more vaccine doses soon.

Last week Pennsylvania gave pharmacist the authority to administer the vaccine without a doctor’s recommendation, but in Blair County that hasn’t begun.

It’s a cause for concern for residents ages 65 and older who were just added to that phase 1A.

Taylor says many of them have been calling his offices, asking for guidance on when and where there will be more vaccines available.

He says right now, that’s a question no one knows the answer to.

“My best advice for anybody particularly within that 1A group 65 and older is to keep following up with the department of health website and using the tools that are available there.”

Taylor tells me we are nowhere close to completing phase 1A, especially considering the new groups just added to that phase. He says what remains to be seen How these additions will impact the timeline for those in groups 1b and beyond.


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