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Blazier Trial Goes to Jury

The assault trial of former Bellwood Antis wrestling coach Ryan Blazier reached its end this afternoon. Dylan Huberman joining us now live with the latest Dylan. After hearing closing arguments this morning, the jury is yet to reach a verdict.

Blazier faces sexual assault charges for taking advantage of two students while serving as a coach and the Bellwood Antis School District.

He is also accused of the same improper actions involving a young girl, but does not face charges for that at this time. This case featured several exchanges between the defense attorney and prosecutors. He repeatedly objected the district attorney, Pete Weeks

Thomas Dickey questions, claiming they were leading witnesses. The jury and gallery were actually laughing at several points when Judge Milyon addressed the defense attorney and scores of objections resulted and repeated approaches to the bench. The jury have been deliberating since lunchtime.

Tune in this evening to see if we can reach a verdict in Blair County. I’m doing Huberman.

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