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Blazier Trial Update

Today was the 3rd day of the sexual assault trial of former Blair County wrestling coach Ryan Blazier.

Dylan Huberman was in the gallery for Today’s proceedings and brings us Today’s update.

Defense Attorney Thomas Dickey had several animated objections to the commonwealth’s questioning on Thursday.

Blazier is accused of sexually assaulting two male students, in addition to a young girl, while serving as a wrestling coach in the Bellwood Antis School District.

Today, a State Trooper who served in a supervisory capacity on site when a search warrant of the school was executed was called to testify about their examination of the
wrestling room where Blazier is alleged to have committed these assaults.

The trooper recalled interviews with the janitor who says he caught the defendant in the act, and he, along with a second trooper, testified whether screams would be audible
from the distance that custodian believes he heard them from.

The trooper determined that they would be easily audible, and therefore, concluded that the janitor could have clearly heard the victim’s distress, causing him to go into the

When the Commonwealth rested their case, the defense called the school district’s athletic director to the stand.

He discussed how he was later made aware via email that Blazier failed to properly reserve the room with a second coach, as a single coach alone with a player was frowned upon,
and has since been made unacceptable by policy.

However, that email, nor anyone involved on it, had concerns over physical misconduct at the time.

The trial is expected to conclude with closing arguments on Friday.

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