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Blazier Trial Update

The trial of former Bellwood-Antis wrestling coach Ryan Blazier, who is accused of sexually assaulting 2 students while working for the school district continued Today.

Dylan Huberman brings us Today’s update from the courtroom in Hollidaysburg.

Day 2 of the Blazier trial featured testimony from investigators, the mother of one victim, and the victim himself.

The ex-wrestling coach is on trial for sexually assaulting two students at his school in 2019 and keeping them silent by threatening to harm their families.

Today, a forensic psychiatrist from the Altoona Center for Child Justice completed her testimony from Tuesday detailing an interview with an alleged victim, and video from the
session was shared with the court.

The disturbing video showed the teenager visibly distressed and traumatized when recalling the alleged encounter, with some details so vulgar that he couldn’t speak.

The psychiatrist was followed by a state police investigator, who’s subsequent interview with the same teen reinforced the Commonwealths testimony.

But then it got graphic…and fast. That same victim’s mother testified about her dialogue with the defendant, with defense attorney Tom Dickey peppering multiple pages of
Facebook messages between her and Blazier insinuating she had a vendetta against his client based on his handling of him as a wrestler, not yet knowing what was actually going

Then, in what I can only describe as chilling, her son took the stand, going through the vulgarity of his repeated, undesired encounters with his former coach. He described how
Blazier allegedly grabbed in his private areas to the point of severe pain and also injured his rear end in the assaults. We will not reveal the teenagers name to preserve the
family’s privacy at this time.

Blazier is also accused of sexually assaulting a young girl over a years long period.

Stay with us Thursday where we’ll continue our coverage of this case.

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