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Boal Mansion Director Retires

The director of a well known Centre County historical site will be stepping down at the end of this week.

As Gary Sinderson reports his work in revitalizing the site will be long remembered, and serve as a blueprint for future development.

“Its been an interesting seven years here”

Interesting is an understatement in reviewing what Bob Cameron has accomplished as the Director of the Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum in Boalsburg. His motivation fueled by one of life’s simple philosophies

“Leave a place better than you found it”

When Cameron came to the Boal Mansion, it was facing challenges and greatly in need of an upgrade. The mansion, tied to the Boal family, who has ties dating back to old world Europe, long connections to well known names in our nations growth. The estate, 200 years old and inside a treasure chest of history

“This is one of the most unique museum in the world with all it has to offer, thats why i came here”

Caemron with an energetic schedule,aided by close to a thousand volunteers the museum is entirely financed by donations and local grants, organized and opened new exhibits. He also went to work on upgrading the grounds, with an eye on environmental education

“So with the bridge and the trails we now have three miles of trails to blue spring park”

Cameron also a big believer in symbols, says the new trails symbolize a new connection between the historical site and the community. Cameron is retiring as director on April First, although he says he’ll still be involved here.

Cameron calls his time here rewarding, educational and a unique opportunity to meet new friends

“Seven years later and we survived covid and hopefully it will serve well into the future”


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