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Brookville School District Food Supplies

The cafeterias at Brookville Area School District are dealing with ongoing supply chain and staffing issues.

One of the major challenges is that the district is competing with restaurants in terms of getting supplies.

However, they do say they have that flexibility with the USDA and the State Department of Education as long as they have the paperwork filed correctly.

So, the district has multiple food distributors to work with.

Meaning if items aren’t available through one distributor they have others they can turn to.

“For the shape that we’re in, we’re in really good shape. Because I try to plan ahead. I communicate with my staff.
We get products in. We turn on a dime. Sometimes we anticipate products coming in, they don’t come in, and then we make reasonable substitutions.”

The district plans their menus weeks in advance, so they put in food orders as soon as they can so they can get what they need.

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