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C3 Sport Hosting Another Tournament

A few months ago the C3 Sports Complex hosted a wrestling tournament which brought in more than 1,000 wrestlers and lots of spectators but resulted in several COVID-19 related citations for the property owners.

Now, as cases spike to record levels, they are planning to host a basketball tournament.

“The township, we reached out to them, just to show them that we’re not against events, they just need to have public health and safety in mind.”

That’s what College Township council chair Anthony Fragola had to say after the C3 Sports Complex hosted Olympic club duals wrestling tournament in September.

Which brought in thousands of people from all over the country, with few people wearings masks.

After the property owners ended up facing thousands of dollars of fines for their laxed standards, the complex announced last month they were cancelling future events due to the governors updated COVID-19 mandates.

But those cancellations were short lived as they just announced they will be hosting the crossover hoops turkey classic on November 21st and 22nd.

Tournament organizers released a statement with a list of the recommended CDC preventative measures for large gatherings they say they will follow including asking a mask mandate for all spectators while inside the complex.

College Township officials said after the last tournament hosted at C3, that they do not have the authority to stop them from hosting tournaments.

We reached out to both the township and the C3 Sports Complex owners for comment on the upcoming event and have not heard back yet.

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