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Cambria and Blair County COVID-19 Numbers

Over the past week, Pennsylvania has reported more than 2,000 COVID-19 cases a day as a statewide total.

In both Blair and Cambria Counties, There has been a dramatic increase over the last few days. Including the highest single day totals since the start of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Cambria County had its highest single day total since the start of the pandemic with 78 cases reported.

A similar trend happened in Blair County which saw 80 cases on Wednesday.

In Blair County 17 of those new cases have been among long term care facility residents.

29 Of the cases in Cambria have also been among long term care facility residents and 4 among long term care facility staff.

The Department of Health believes the increase in cases is primarily from community spread.

They say their contact tracing data shows that out of the people who had visited a business 14 days prior to onset of symptoms. The highest percent of infected people by far are those who had visited a restaurant.

The DOH says the contact tracing process is completely confidential and can save the lives of other people.

They released this statement saying “As we work to expand testing, prepare for a vaccine and prevent outbreaks, Pennsylvanians have an important role to play.

We must be united by wearing a mask, washing our hands, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, downloading the COVID alert pa mobile app and getting a flu vaccine.”

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