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Cambria County Cancer Scam

The Cambria County community came together to raise thousands of dollars for a Lorain Borough woman who said she had stomach cancer.

Today the Cambria County District Attorney’s office charged her with faking her illness to raise money.

Crispin Havener joins us live with what we know about the case.

Brandi Hammers was arrested this Afternoon, shortly after announcing she was charged as part of a months long investigation into her alleged fraudulent activities.

We were at one of her fundraisers back in November a Sunday Funday at a local brewery that hosted the event to help her raise money for her medical expenses.

She had told us she previously had melanoma and had been diagnosed with stomach cancer this past June. But District Attorney Greg Neguebauer says they got a tip weeks after
this fundraiser that the diagnosis wasn’t legitimate.

According to the affidavit a second tipster also told state police the same information. And both tipsters said they learned through her insurance provider that there was no
record Hammers being treated for cancer.

Authorities say they verified that information and Today announced Hammers was charged with two felonies dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, and theft by deception.

“There are going to be some bad actors from time to time. But this case in a case like this demonstrates that when we receive a tip offs of activity like this, we’re going to
take it very serious because the general public needs to have faith that when they are helping a good cause, it is a legitimate cause.”

Neuguebuaer said anyone who may have additional information on this case can contact the DA’s office.

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