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Capital Riot Anniversary

One year later the President marking the anniversary by warning of the ongoing threat to Democracy.

More than 700 people have been criminally charged by federal prosecutors.

The January 6th house select committee vowing transparency and accountability all the way up to former President Donald Trump.

“Those who stormed this Capitol and those who instigated and incited and those who called on them to do so held a dagger at the throat of America, at American democracy. ”

Several from our area who were arrested in the capitol riot remain jailed or awaiting sentencing.

Robert Morss was a political activist as a student at Penn State.

Just last month a judge rejected his latest request to be freed from a federal prison.

Morss is facing a number of riot related charges, including assaulting a police officer and robbery.

The judge said morss has yet to show remorse for his actions during the riot.

Julian Khater, seen here in the trump knit hat, is a former state college restaurant owner whose accused of using a chemical spray on capitol police officers.

Despite his family pledging several million dollars in a bail bond request, Khater also remains jailed.

Another man arrested in the riot, Brain Gundersen of State College is free, while awaiting further court action.

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