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Cares Act Funding

Newly approved state legislation will provide close to a billion dollars in pandemic relief funding.

And the biggest portion will be for rental and utility assistance for tenants and landlords.

Despite state and federal emergency protection legislation in the past year that has provided housing funding eviction for some has remained a threat.

Officials say they know people are coming off CARES Act funding and their situation hasn’t improved. They say they know there are new people and people who are scared and worried about the situation.

With the recent approval of Pa. Senate Bill 109, $570 million is earmarked statewide for assistance in paying rent and utility bills.

Now, county administrators are awaiting information on what all the program will include who qualifies how the funding will be allocated and other details.

They expect it to be much easier, including in the application process.

They add there won’t be the $750 a month cap and will either cover people back to March of 2020, or in the future.

The new state legislation also provides COVID relief funding for school districts and small businesses.

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