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CDC relaxes Mask Orders

According to the CDC, if you have one of these fully filled out, you no longer have to wear one of these but locally, this news does not affect the State College Borough’s mask wearing
ordinance, which is why I am still currently wearing mine.

The CDC says if you are fully vaccinated, they recommend no longer wearing a mask indoors or outdoors unless you are in a crowded indoor setting like a bus, plane, hospital, prison, or
homeless shelter.

This means workplaces and schools can start to ease their restrictions.

According to officials, although this is big news for the country as a whole to return to normalcy as I said before mask wearing is still up to local governments.

State College Borough Communications Specialist Douglas Shontz says this is just a guidance from the CDC, not an order.

The local mask ordinance here in State College, is an order and still in effect.

Other local governments are reacting to the news as well, College Township officials tell me they too will reflect their local ordinance to follow recommendations made by Governor
Wolf’s office.

The Department Of Health did just release an update following the news saying they will follow that vaccinated people do not have to wear their mask outdoors or indoors but unvaccinated
people still need too.

Heres what Shontz said about listening to federal guidance, but following state level recommendations.

“Our masking and get hearing limit ordinance everyone’s just trying to get through this”.

So again, although officials say this is great news for the country, be sure to follow local ordinances and restrictions while you are out and about.

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