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CDC School Updates

“Everyone must continue to be vigilant. We need all PA’s to work together.”

These new physical distancing recommendations align directly with the CDC’s latest research.

Middle, and high school students should only adhere to these new guidelines if they are in counties with low to moderate community transmissions, while Elementary school students can now be 3 feet apart in the classroom no matter what level their county is in.

Currently, Centre County is still in the substantial level of community transmissions meaning its middle and high schools should still maintain a physical distance of 6 feet apart.

“There are also additional areas where 6 feet of social distancing should be maintained, these include between adults in the building, and between adults and students, when masks can’t be worn, when eating, and during activities.”

The department of health also has new recommendations on how to handle positive COVID-19 cases within school walls.

“Recommendations consider the amount of community transmission in each county, the number of cases among students and staff in each building within the last 14 days and the size of the school building.”

Over the weekend, Bald Eagle Area School district saw an increase in cases among its schools. Three cases at the high school, 2 at Wingate, and one at Port Matilda and Mountain Top.

In the past week State College Area school districts COVID dashboard reports some new positives between employees and students (showing picture)

While Penns Valley School District sits with 3 active cases.

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