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Center City Church Food Distribution

Have you ever seen thirty-five thousand pounds of food? The last time the Center City Church held their City Blessing Food Giveaway, they handed out that much…in an hour!

“One of the things that I think is just absolutely amazing is that it’s the city, it’s the people of Altoona stepping up to help the people of Altoona” said Jim Kilmartin, the pastor of the church.”

Center City Church in Altoona is giving away tons of food this Saturday. The church held this same event just before the holidays on December nineteenth.

That day, more than thirty five thousand pounds of food were given to those in need. Pastor Kilmartin expects a similar amount of food to be handed out this weekend.

“We’re going to have a whole semi-truck load so that should be a thousand-plus boxes which would be thirty to thirty three thousand pounds of food probably.”

Each family that comes to the event will receive one box, and this time they’ll have over a thousand loaves of bread in addition to the boxes. That will surpass the thirty-five thousand total from the last giveaway.

The event starts at ten a.m. on Saturday and goes until the food is gone, and last month, it didn’t even make it till eleven.

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