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Center County Vandalism

A number of acts of vandalism have occurred in Centre County in recent weeks, with several investigations still ongoing, and has county leaders worried about why they’re happening.

Authorities in Centre County are investigating cases of vandalism that occurred over the past month: Bellefonte’s Pride Wall, street signs on College Avenue and the Unitarian Universalist Church have all been violated since the calendar flipped to 2021.

Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe says he’s worried that people are taking out their aggression’s of the world around them on property.

“I think the destruction of property is disappointing,” Pipe said. “Anytime you permanently harm something that others have worked on, put time and energy into, is I think counterproductive because what it does most of the time actually is it actually steals the resolve of the other side and is actually not productive at all.”

No arrests have been made in any of these cases. Today, State College Police say they have sent several pieces of evidence from the Unitarian Universalist Church case to the State Police crime lab.

While Commissioner Pipe says he understands that tensions are high at the moment, he believes that solving problems through conversation remains the best path forward.

“The anger and frustration that many are feeling right now, they feel like they don’t have any other recourse other than doing these type of things, when actually, dialogue and conversation with people who disagree with you, listening to each other, is probably the most productive way that you can actually make progress on having your feelings and thoughts heard while, again, seeing the other side of the coin.”

Commissioner Pipe added that he hopes those responsible are caught.

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