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Centers For Active Living for Seniors

On Wednesday, the Centers for Active Living in Clearfield County will reopen after being closed due to the pandemic.

According to Bobbie Johnson, Public Relations Director for the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, the centers for active living served as a hub for their consumers to not only interact with each other but to get free meals.

Since the shutdown of the centers, Johnson said she’s seen her consumers endure loneliness and depression.

On Wednesday, the centers for active living will reopen to their consumers.

Starting today, Johnson said the center managers are being educated on the CDC’s guidelines to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

She said senior citizens are required to wear a mask at the centers and they’ll practice social distancing at each center.

The Centers for Active Living are located in Clearfield, Coalport, Kylertown and Mahaffey.

Individuals interested in attending the centers can reach out directly to the Center Manager or contact the Agency for more information. The phone numbers to each center can be found below.

Clearfield : 814-765-9319

Coalport : 814-672-3574

Kylertown : 814-345-6338

Mahaffey : 814-277-4544

Clearfield County AAA: 814-765-2696

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