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Centre County 302 Warrants Update

Its been almost 3 years since the fatal police shooting of a State College resident.

The resulting community response to the tragedy has included long term reviews on a number of fronts including law enforcement and mental health related issues.

In the wake of the death of Ozase Osagie in 2019, he was shot and killed by a State College Police Officer while they were attempting serve him with a mental health warrant, was a study that showed the number of similar warrants

They’re known as 302 warrants. That were issued in one year in Centre County with many of them involving police assistance was well over 300 warrants

“Its still about the same i think, if not higher”

Just posted by the State College Police Department a job opening for a Police Social Worker, funded with help of a state 150 thousand dollar grant.

The Department’s social work program envisioned to provide guidance, case management, and assistance to police personnel and the community, on a number of issues, including mental health calls and services another goal is to reduce the number of repeat offenders who end up in the county jail.

The State College Police Departments Social Work Program expected to have a future impact

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