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Centre County 911 Staffing

There has been a shortage of workers in many different industries since the pandemic including emergency telecommunicators Who staff county 911 centers answering those life saving calls to 911.

Gary Sinderson tells us how Centre County is joining others in offering new salary incentives to help those jobs become filled.

When a fire was reported this week at this Bellefonte building, at the Centre County 911 center, it was four hours of coordinating the calls and responses among fire crews and emergency

“As we just saw this week when we’ve had fires and ice storms occur,its absolutely fundamental that we have those people trained and staffed to deal with what come may”

Those people are 911 telecommunicators. In Centre County’s 911 center, currently there are 8 employee vacancies and a lot of overtime hours

“Yes we have spent a lot of time, hundreds of hours of overtime. 49 hundred something in 2021”

County administrators Thursday approving a pay boost for 911 center personnel, along with providing bonuses at another facility with staffing issues the county prison

“Hazard type of bonus payment for all individuals,employees at correction facility in the amount of 800 dollars”

Two facilities with round a clock hours, and you’d rather not see help wanted signs but there are jobs available

“911 jobs are difficult bit exciting. when we get those life saves, CPR instructions and that victim ends up walking out of the hospital,those are good stories.those are the positive things we do on a regular basis”

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