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Centre County Ballot Update

In recent months, the Centre County election system has been targeted in several Federal lawsuits, with most of them have being dismissed fairly quickly. In talking to county election administrators today, they’re thinking it could be the same outcome for this latest lawsuit.

The Trump campaign claims there’s serious problems, specifically with Pennsylvania’s mail in voting. The lawsuit is a series of allegations, but there is no direct evidence of voter fraud. Tuesday, Centre County administrators defending their election procedures, said that it was done properly and accurately, while admitting it is not a perfect system.

In the lawsuit, the so called ballroom at Penn State used by Centre County to process mail in votes is cited in a series of poll watcher allegations, even though live stream cameras in the room provided 31 hours of continuous video that began early on election day.

As of Today, Joe Biden has about a 45 thousand vote advantage over President Trump here in Pennsylvania. Centre County’s vote total is expected to be finalized after another election board meeting late Tuesday.

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