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Centre County Business Returns

It remains a hot debate across the country how much we can reopen and get back to business amidst the ongoing pandemic.

With economic futures on the line there’s no question that many businesses that were shut down, or forced to curtail service, are ready to reopen.

Amidst the latest wave the latest increase in new covid cases, there continues to be new signs of life in the business community
a few days ago in Bellefonte a ribbon cutting for the new location, and the re-opening of the ever popular Cakery. The pandemic forcing unexpected lessons in business survival

“Its been very stressful we had to change our entire business model”

For small business owner similar stories daily worries about surviving the rough financial times and what happens when so called normal returns. One lesson learned at the Cakery networking share business and ideas

“We kept in touch with each other,and continued planning for our reopening”

With more than individual financial futures on the line business leaders stressing a far larger response for economic recovery and part of that response is not forgetting about pandemic prevention measures

“As you know we need to support our businesses as we go through this recovery phase,the best way to do that is must all do our part”

Tuesday Morning, the Centre County commissioners saying they’re still awaiting the details in the latest federal covid relief legislation what all is include but its is known a sizable portion is earmarked for business recovery

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