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Centre County COVID Cases

Centre County is one of the many spots where the number of new covid cases has increased significantly in recent days.

Monday night, State College Borough Council unanimously approves extending the Borough’s indoor masking mandate for businesses and other public places. The vote came after council
heard from Tom Charles, an administrator at the Mt. Nittany Medical Center where its already been a very busy month of January.

“We are already ten days into January of 2022. We’ve already had more new cases than we had in the month of January last year”

Charles say 70 percent of the covid patients at the hospital are unvaccinated. The borough’s masking ordinance is the only one among Centre Region municipalities.

Patton Township is considering a similar ordinance

“We discussed that and there was not an indication that township supervisor boards were open to interpreting that except in Patton Township”

Added concerns have been raised in the area with thousands of Penn State students returning for Spring semester classes. Also Monday, the State College School District updating their
pandemic policies.

The district has no plans at this point to shift to remote learning, although the district’s virtual academy which is a fully remote option is still available.

The district says it has access to at least 60 covid tests a day, and reports approximately 77 percent of its employees and 50 percent of the students as being vaccinated


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