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Centre County COVID Numbers

Call it another sign of the times. In the past,especially with the holidays approaching if you’re talking about going to the mall,its probably to do some shopping.but not this year,in Centre County,where going to the mall probably entails COVID-19 testing.

For the second time this week, its decided to extend the schedule for a free COVID-19 testing center at the Nittany it will be open through December 19th. The extension mainly due to more people showing up, almost 300 at the testing center on Wednesday alone.

“I guess when the turnout exceeds contracted expectations there must be a lot of demand”

The state health secretary confirming its part of a statewide trend

“We have plenty of tests available,there is more testing now,some Centers taking up to 48 hours to get results”

At Penn State,Friday is the last day for in-person classes on campus. State College’s mayor issuing a reminder for students heading out of town

“I’m urging all Penn state students before leaving town to get the free test that the university is offering”

Penn State says more than 6 thousand students signed up for the pre-exit testing, the testing center at the Nittany Mall will be closed next week,and then reopen the week after,and now expected to be open until December 19th, Although there has been talk of extending it into the New Year,if funding is available.

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